First of all, I’m pregnant again. 12 weeks, now. The girls are excited. Olivia keeps saying, “Mom, you are looking a little bit fat now. Elise thinks that my belly button is the new baby and says that she can see his feet. She is very affectionate towards her imaginary belly-button-sibling. I think she’ll be shocked at what happens after Baby B #3 come out. He/She is due on Elise’s 3rd birthday in September.  Talk about being de-throned!

I’m still planning on running this summer. Either a 10K or a Half-Marathon, depending on how my exhaustion and Rob’s traveling effect my training. Right now mostly I want to sleep all day, but I feel better on the days that I run, so I should keep it up.

More, randomness: Apparently Devona is the name of a city in Tajikistan. I don’t even know where that it. But here I am on a map:
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I am quite mountainous. That works for a pregnant lady.