The Magician’s Nephew

We’re reading through my old Narnia books with the girls. Liv’s been through many of them once before. Elise hasn’t heard them yet, and it seems that she isn’t really ready yet. She got to the end of the book and still thought that Uncle Andrew was a good guy.

Olivia, on the other hand, was hanging on every detail. She bounded out of her bed with excitement when Strawberry became Fledge and grew wings. She hid under her covers when the Witch snuck by them in the mountain range. And she was finally able to sleep soundly when the book came to an end and all the loose ends were properly tied.

As always it was a joy to read these books as an adult. It seems that each time I go through them they strike a new chord with me. This time I felt for the little Digory as he worried for his mother. I was reminded of how real troubles are for our kids. They suffer their worries, and know that there is nothing they can do as they are just powerless little children.

I think Liv is bursting at the seams to start The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. She’ll remember a lot from the last time. But I can’t wait to see what details grab her this trip through.dsc_0212

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