A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Please bring me children who are openminded about the gifts they get this year. See, they keep rewriting their lists to you at the last minute. We’ve maxed the budget on Christmas already, and many of the items they want weren’t on the Amazon list. I’m hopeful that their general non-consumerist selves will shine through again this year. But, you know, I just want to get it right.

Please let the goose we bought for Christmas dinner cook according to the plan. I’ve never cooked a goose before, so I might not know what the heck I’m doing.

Please bring me a long nap on Christmas eve afternoon.

Please bring me a membership to SCBWI.

Please bring snow to Yosemite Valley, and tire chains for the Subaru.

We baked you yummy cookies and have been very good,


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